Affiliate software tracking solutions

Affiliate programs are a great way to increase traffic to and sales for your web site. There are several affiliate tracking software solutions that keep track of sales, clicks, and commissions. Affiliate tracking software solutions come in a variety of packages.  Software for a click-based program allows you to pay affiliates a set rate for […]

Making more money on eBay

There’s money to be made on eBay Garage sales and flea markets are so 20th century.  Today, if you have stuff to peddle, sell it on eBay.  You’ll be joining thousands of other like-minded citizens who seek to make money selling their wares on the popular web site.  Since everyone is hip to the online […]

Easy money to be earned selling e-books

Can you get rich selling e-books?  While Bill Gates’ type of income isn’t guaranteed, you can earn you a very nice income selling e-books online. E-books are electronic versions of printed material that can contain text, sound, and images.  The profit potential from selling them is high because start-up and operating expenses are very low.  […]

E-Commerce for Small Businesses

When you have a small or home-based business, or are basically just starting, there are several ways to start growing the business quickly. One of these great methods is to sell online merchandise. An online store can be set up relatively easily and e-commerce options exist that have been proven to be quite successful. There […]

Derek Gehl’s Insider Secrets Course

I don’t usually create blog posts dealing with “special offers,” but I came across one such time-sensitive special offer today that might save my readers some real money, so here it goes. If you’ve ever considered purchasing Derek Gehl’s highly regarded (and recently updated) 2006 “Insider Secrets” course, NOW is the time to do it. […]

Payment Options for your Online Business

Every good businessperson knows that one of the best ways to boost traffic and sales of their product is to allow for multiple payment options. By offering many different methods of payment, you are enabling everyone to purchase the same goods. There are many fashions of payment these days that can accommodate just about everyone. […]

Easy Web Store

Much more than an attractive web site is needed to competitively sell products online. The whole e-store marketing arena involves a challenging number of details. A company must be able to set up and run a strategy or marketing campaign, ensure customers get to the site in the first place, make sure that the products […]

Desirable Shopping Cart Scripts

If you are relatively new to the world of online business, you may be wondering what a shopping cart script is. Scripts are essentially programs that track what a consumer chooses to buy from your online store. The scripts will track the choices of a consumer all the way through to the checkout process. Often […]

The Fate of E-mail Marketing

Even some of the most cunning web marketers, including the typically hated spammer, will admit that Spam is almost dead. It is being taken over by the use of e-mail marketing. Contrary to popular opinion, it seems that Spam is on the decline. The rate of Spam’s decline is approximately 13% per year. Why? Because […]

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