Facebook-linked pre-IPO scams – official warning

FINRA.org – The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued a warning about scams that purport to offer investors’ access to pre-IPO shares of well-known social media companies, including Facebook. Seizing upon investor demand for shares of the private stock of high-profile companies, the con artists behind these scams are swindling the public by peddling […]

Avoid phishing scams, recognize fake IRS emails

IRS.gov – The IRS receives thousands of reports each year from taxpayers who receive suspicious emails, phone calls, faxes or notices claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. Many of these scams fraudulently use the Internal Revenue Service name or logo as a lure to make the communication more authentic and enticing. The goal […]

Avoiding those Home Business Scams

How many times have you heard about a great home business opportunity?  Probably more than you care to remember.  But to go along with this how many of these home business opportunities ended up being a scam?  Again, probably quite a few.  Hopefully, you were never the victim of any of these scams.  But unfortunately […]

How to Spot a Legitimate Home Business Online Work Opportunity

Engaging in a home business is very liberating for most people. Finding a home business online work opportunity that is right for you would give you the freedom to simply be yourself and work at your own pace. For young parents, working at home is ideal since it will give them more quality time with […]

Work at Home Schemes and Scams

Sophisticated hype abounds on the Web these days, so be careful when you start out on the work from home path. Preservation of capital is still a basic rule of wealth building, but the scammers want you to give up a portion of your capital to them. Here are six tips for recognizing a scam. […]

Tips For Avoiding Home Business Scams

Anyone with a modicum of common sense knows that all those “too good to be true” email solicitations and those ads that you see in the margins of high traffic websites for making thousands of dollars a week with no effort through a home based internet business cannot be for real. Yet there are still […]

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