Health insurance tax deduction if self-employed – Here is some information from the IRS about a special tax deduction for the self-employed. You may be able to deduct premiums paid for medical and dental insurance and qualified long-term care insurance for you, your spouse, and your dependents if you are one of the following: • A self-employed individual with a […]

Child and dependent care tax credit – ten facts – If you paid someone to care for your child, spouse, or dependent last year, you may be able to claim the Child and Dependent Care Credit on your federal income tax return. Below are 10 things the IRS wants you to know about claiming a tax credit for child and dependent care expenses. […]

Mortgage debt forgiveness – ten tax facts – If you are a homeowner whose mortgage debt is partly or entirely forgiven during tax years 2007 through 2012, you may be able to claim special tax relief and exclude the debt forgiven from your income. Here are 10 tax break facts the IRS wants you to know about Mortgage Debt Forgiveness: 1. […]

Tax benefits on 2010 federal taxes – In 2011, taxpayers filing their 2010 federal income tax return will have some extra tax benefits available to them. Here is a summary of these tax benefits: Three Extra Days to File and Pay Taxpayers, nationwide, will have until Monday, April 18, 2011, to file their 2010 returns and pay any taxes due. […]

Tips for saving money at tax time – Here is a collection of tax-related suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare to file your federal income taxes. Some of these tips might apply to you and help you to save money. Consider using tax time to pay off high-interest debt or save for the future. “Use your tax refund to […]

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